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* ZONOLITE ATTIC INSULATION TRUST: A trust was set up in February 3, 2014 to help approved homeowners with vermiculite removal. The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust was funded from which eligible Claimants will be reimbursed for their legitimate ZAI Property Damage Claims ("ZAI PD"). Under the settlement, Grace will fund an independent Trust and Claims Facility ("the Trust") that will operate for a minimum of 20 years educating the public about the potential health effects associated with asbestos containing vermiculite/ZAI.  

In order to be eligible for reimbursement a claimant must be able to show:
1- That vermiculite is the Zonolite Brand. This is called the Product Identification (PID) requirement AND
2- How much was paid to have the vermiculite removed or contained. This is called the Expense Requirement.
Assuming a claimant meets the PID and Expense Requirement he/she may receive a reimbursement contribution of 55% of the abatement costs with a maximum reimbursement amount of $4,125.00. For example, if a claimant spent $7,500 removing and replacing the insulation, he/she is potentially eligible for the maximum reimbursement of $4,125. If he/she spent $3,000 for abatement and re-insulation, you are potentially eligible for reimbursement of $1,650 (55% of $3,000). 

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Suspect (ACM) Asbestos Containing Materials Include:

Furnaces / Boilers / Duct Wrap   TSI / Pipe Insulation                              Siding

 Vermiculite *Assistance is available to some owners for the removal process of this material

*The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust is an outside source, not directly affiliated with Airtite Environmental Services LLC. Any requests for payment through this fund are the sole responsibility of the home owner.